The vision of FoodShare South Carolina is to ensure access to fresh produce for all in our state.

This access is currently limited by where people live, their racial and ethnic background, age, income, and whether or not a family has reliable transportation. That is why we have partnered with reputable organizations in the community to expand the reach of this program.

We also value and provide opportunities for community members to be leaders in the FoodShare movement through our Neighborhood Coordinator and NeighborShare programs.

Our Mission: Good Healthy Food for All. Our goal is to enhance the quality of life in our diverse state by creating access to fresh affordable food, quality cooking and skills education, and food-based entrepreneurial opportunities. Our work revolves around three tenets: community empowerment and engagement, increased financial opportunity, and physical revitalization. These tenets will be evident among FoodShare’s core programs: 1) the Fresh Food Box, 2) the Community Kitchen, and 3) the Community Garden.

Important Dates


24augAll DayOrder Fresh Food Box

29aug10:00 am- 6:00 pmPickup Fresh Food Box

Our Team

Beverly Wilson, MPH

Beverly Wilson, FoodShare co-founder and Chief Inspiration Officer, is passionate about the need to solve issues around food access and affordability for disadvantaged and vulnerable communities. After organizing bulk buying produce groups within the community for many years, she turned her efforts towards developing a program that would expand fresh food access and affordability among communities that lacked access to quality food sources. Beverly has been with the University of South Carolina School of Medicine for 15 years where she’s been able to identify a unique opportunity to integrate lifestyle medicine into a clinic model. She will be responsible for leading the school’s new culinary medicine initiative.

Carrie Draper, MSW

Carrie Draper, Officer of Global Thinking and Opportunity Creator, co-founded FoodShare South Carolina in order to expand access to fresh produce, especially for people who receive SNAP. Her focus is on food access, food policy, and community-based research in order to strengthen local food systems in South Carolina and as well as regionally.  She is currently the Director of Policy and Partnership Development for University of South Carolina’s Center for Research in Nutrition and Health Disparities where she plays a leadership role in translating research to policy and practice. Carrie is the 2016 chair of the South Carolina Food Policy Council and a steering committee member of the South Carolina Food Access Task Force.  She provides direction on program activities, community leadership development strategies, and special projects.

Gordon Schell, M.Ed.

Coordinator of Projects and Ambassador of Buzz

Gordon is FoodShare’s Associate Director. He works directly with the Fresh Food Box program, coordinates social media to share the fresh food access story and works closely with new Partner Sites to ensure they have the tools needed to be successful in serving their communities. With over 20 years experience working with non-profit organizations, event management, and volunteer support before joining the FoodShare team, Gordon is passionate about helping us accomplish our mission: Good Healthy Food for All.

Alyssa Greenhouse

Inspirer of Recipes & Blogger

Alyssa is the inspiration behind the blog, Thinking Outside the Food Box. Her fun recipes include photos and directions that will help your family use food box ingredients in a unique and healthy way. A recent graduate from Duke University with a focus in public policy and medicine, Alyssa is passionate about bettering the public health system in South Carolina through her involvement with FoodShare and her community as well as through her goal of becoming a physician.

Our Partners

The quilt of inspiration for the FoodShare movement originated within a tribe of passionate women from influential private and public organizations in Columbia.

The quilt of inspiration for the FoodShare movement originated within a tribe of passionate women from influential private and public organizations in Columbia.

These women with a track record of serving their community are sometimes nutty, often creative, and always passionate about good healthy food for all. We envision a South Carolina where all residents, regardless of income level, can enjoy fresh fruits and vegetables.

FoodShare is led by founding partners:

We like to give credit where credit is due

We are very appreciative of the incredible resources that FoodShare Toronto has freely shared. Founded in 1985, FoodShare Toronto, was created to address hunger in Canadian communities. Since then, they have developed their program into Canada’s largest food security organization and have become global pioneers in community food models.