A temporary program to nourish families, restore jobs, and get our supply chain working again.

This is a terrible time for our community, as for the whole world. A deadly disease is rapidly spreading. People are being thrown out of work. It’s hard to get the things we need. Farmers’ crops are spoiling in the fields because of some of their largest customers, such as schools and restaurants, shutting down.

What if there was a way to get the supply chain operating again, put low-wage workers back to work, and get high-quality fresh produce to your home?

Now there is. It’s called Farmers2Neighbors. It’s a partnership of FoodShare South Carolina and Senn Brothers produce company.

During this time of uncertainty, your purchase of a Community Food Box will help us nourish our community, employ workers, and keep our supply chain moving.

​We know that our communities will rise during this time to create uncommon bonds and provide an opportunity for all of us together to be South Carolina strong. Your Community Food Box is more than “just a box of food.” Join us in showing love to our Palmetto State.

We hope you and your neighbors will participate!

Here are answers to the questions we know you will have:

Farmers will deliver their fruits and vegetables to the South Carolina State Farmers Market. Senn Brothers will hire back employees laid off because of the coronavirus, who will box up the fresh produce and deliver it to the neighborhoods that have placed orders for boxes.

We’re reaching out to neighborhood associations in the greater Columbia area. But any group of neighbors, or a church or other organization in the area, can appoint a captain who can coordinate with us and see that the boxes are picked up from the delivery point in their neighborhood.

It’s for you and your family. Or, if your association or organization wishes to buy boxes to distribute to the less fortunate, you can do that.

A variety of vegetables and fruit fresh from the fields – produce that would otherwise go to waste for lack of a market. This is all high-quality produce. No seconds.

Each box will cost $21. That’s a dollar more than usual because the ordering will be done online by credit or debit card.

If you are a SNAP participant and would like to use your SNAP card to purchase your box, please reach out to a Neighborhood captain who will work with you. These cannot be handled online.

  • Appoint a captain for your neighborhood or organization. You may want to appoint two, to have a backup.
  • The captain should fill out the Community Food Box Application.
  • Captain should identify a drop off location where pickup could be done via curb service outdoors, and arrange for pickup at the appointed time.

Once your neighborhood or organization has signed up for the program, use the ‘Order Form’ button at right to fill out the form for the box or boxes you want. Check the Neighborhood/Community list to see if there is already a participating group near you.

All proper precautions will be taken:

  • The workers packing the boxes at the Farmers Market will wear gloves. The packing facility will use EPA-registered sanitizer products in their cleaning and sanitizing practices.
  • Coordinators will identify drop-off locations where pick up could be done via curb service outside.
  • No more than four volunteers should be present at pick-up and should always remain at least 6 feet apart from each other.
  • Residents will be instructed to drive through the pickup site and open their trunks. Volunteers will place the boxes in the trunks.
  • No hand-to-hand contact will be allowed.
  • People who are at higher risk should have a neighbor pick up their boxes and deliver to their front porches.
  • Volunteers should use hand sanitizer between handling each box.
  • Residents will be instructed to wash all produce upon receipt.