When we started Farmers2Neighbors we had no idea how many of you would become involved. We hoped it would be enough to effectively address certain impacts of the current health pandemic on our community.

This program was been successful in many ways. We’ve seen neighbors come together and purchase boxes to give to others. We’ve seen individuals bond over a love of healthy eating. And, FoodShare South Carolina became better known among a wider circle of individuals and families, generating a spirit of community. For these reasons, Farmers2Neighbors has been a success.

And with this success, we can now put this temporary program to rest. Our last Farmers2Neighbors Community Produce Box was delivered on April 17 and we thank you for getting us to this point.

As we bring ourĀ Farmers2Neighbors program to a close we know that together we had a positive impact during this current social and health crisis. Through your involvement, food has been more accessible. Workers in food distribution have been rehired. Relationships have been strengthened.

We know that there is still a desire and a need to access fresh food in the way we have been facilitating and Senn Brothers Produce will continue to offer a Mixed Produce Box for only $30. You can coordinate directly with them.


  • Pick up on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 10 AM – 2 PM at their Farmer’s Market Warehouse, 327 Wholesale Lane, West Columbia.
  • Orders must be placed at least 36 hrs in advance.
  • Delivery can be set up with a site coordinator to organize the payment and pre-order process.
  • Delivery requires advanced coordination and a minimum of 20 boxes.
  • Email orders/questions to sennproducebox@gmail.com