Our Programs Aim to:

Create a powerful, community movement around fresh, affordable fruits and vegetables

Connect community members with resources and programs to improve access to healthy food

Empower participants with know-how and skill to prepare healthy, tasty meals

Share information to help individuals manage chronic health conditions

Teach patients and the community about diet and lifestyle and its relationship to disease

Connect motivated community members with rewarding volunteer opportunities


As FoodShare grows, we encounter people from all walks of life with energy and a commitment to improving food access for their fellow neighbors. Requests for volunteer opportunities have increased each month as we’ve watched students deliver food to the elderly, seniors sort produce at the FoodShare center, and everyday folks go above and beyond to ensure their neighbors without transportation receive food boxes.

The problem of transportation keeps coming up. Time and time again folks who wanted to purchase food boxes could do so but lacked reliable transportation. That’s when a school nurse shared an ‘aha’ moment. “Why not partner families who have no transportation with those who do have reliable transportation in order to deliver Fresh Food Boxes!” And NeighborShare was born.

For us, the program is about having meaningful connections with our neighbors, paying attention to the needs of others and growing even deeper relationships within our community. We need people of all personalities and strengths to join us. Even if you don’t consider yourself an extrovert, or you’re not into community service in a major way, come be a quiet volunteer and let your actions speak louder than words.

In other words, come live your passion out loud with us!

NOTE: NeighborShare is currently available only in the Midlands area of South Carolina. As the program builds momentum we will expand to other communities in our state.

Levels of NeighborShare involvement include:

Having a box delivered.

Delivery is currently available in the Midlands counties of South Carolina.

Receive help ordering your Fresh Food Box or having your ordered box delivered to you by a community neighbor.

Helping with box delivery.

This may also include helping with ordering their box. Delivery is currently available in the Midlands counties of South Carolina.

This will include picking up their box from the FoodShare Hub and driving it to them.

Your involvement and ownership provides families in need with access to nutritious fresh fruits and vegetables and it deepens community relationships! Come join us and be part of a meaningful story!

If you are a health care practitioner and wish to refer a patient to be matched up with a NeighborShare volunteer, click here.

Fresh Food On-The-Go

Let’s face it. We’re all busy. And, for some of us, getting to and from work and other commitments does not leave enough time for shopping, especially if living in a food desert or have limited access to a grocery store.

For that reason, Fresh Food On-The-Go was born. FoodShare South Carolina has teamed up with The COMET to increase fresh food access and affordability for transit riders in Columbia. “Fresh Food On-The-Go” allows passengers with busy schedules to connect to fresh produce at COMET Central.

Fresh Food Boxes contain 12-15 various types of fruits and vegetables and are available every other week on Wednesdays from 10:30am – 2:00 pm until COMET Central closing. Boxes may be ordered in advance, no later than the Friday before the following pick-up day. There will also be a limited number of boxes available for same-day purchase (first-come, first-served).

For a 2022 Fresh Food On-The-Go schedule, click here.

Good Food Market

FoodShare Good Food Markets are community markets that sell high quality, affordable fruits and vegetables. Our goal is to empower communities who lack access to fresh food stores and/or experience barriers in purchasing fresh fruits and vegetables with an opportunity to run a self-sustaining market offering affordable prices and high quality fruits and vegetables.

Organizations and community groups that run markets soon recognize the incredible potential markets have for community building and addressing food security. However, Good Food Markets are designed to serve a need in a community and not be a for-profit program.

FoodShare South Carolina provides microgrants to priority communities as well as a planning kit with basic resources to start a Good Food Market. Good Food Markets are then operated in subsequent weeks from the revenue received on the previous market’s sales.

As we retool the structure of this program we are not currently accepting new applications.

We’re excited to start working with you as you improve fresh food access in your community!

Culinary Medicine

Culinary Medicine combines the joy and art of cooking and eating with the science of food, nutrition, and medicine. Culinary Medicine electives offered through the University of South Carolina School of Medicine will be available to medical students.

Developed by Tulane University School of Medicine, the curriculum emphasizes the role of food in both the prevention and treatment of disease. We believe Food Really is Medicine.

Community Cooks

Community Cooks in the FoodShare Kitchen is a gathering place where community residents learn how to prepare tasty, nutritious meals. We laugh, cook, and learn how to make cooking from scratch fun again! Class space is limited. Call us at 803-851-4461 for more information and a schedule of classes.

Good Box

FoodShare’s primary fundraising effort, the Good Box is a unique way to share a gift of warm appreciation and gratitude. By purchasing a Good Box, you’re not only supporting local artisans and retailers but you’re also helping FoodShare to improve fresh food access to those most in need in South Carolina. We’re currently planning for our next Good Box offering and will announce via social media when it’s ready. Thanks for your interest!

The Big Give

The Big Give is group activity where clubs, organizations, or churches come together to organize a group food box project. Groups donate or raise money to purchase fresh produce that is packed by your team and donated to a senior center in our community. FoodShare will order the produce and your organization will come together as a team to pack the boxes at the FoodShare hub located at 201 Columbia Mall Blvd. in Columbia. Your team can accompany FoodShare in taking these boxes to a specific senior high rise where the boxes will be donated. This is a great opportunity to spend time one on one with seniors helping them to understand how the food box program works.

  • $375 in donations will pay for 25 free food boxes for a specific senior high rise.
  • $750 in donations will pay for 50 free food boxes for a specific senior high rise.

If your organization is interested, please reach out to us and we’ll help you plan your Big Give Event that not only brings your group together but gives back to our community in a tangible way.