Building Equitable Food Access in Our City

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Building Equitable Food Access in Our City

As the peak of the Covid-19 pandemic recedes, what have we learned about our food access needs? In 2019 the Columbia Food Policy Committee held a series of listening sessions with community members and released a comprehensive report and list of recommendations for City Council on how they can build equitable access to healthy foods in our city. But much has changed since COVID, so we want to regroup and hear from you again on what needs to be done in 2022 and beyond. Both In-Person and Virtual gatherings are scheduled and are free to attend. RSVPs are requested:

Virtual Food Gathering
June 28 | 6:00pm | RSVP

In-Person Community Food Gathering
June 30 | 6:30pm | RSVP

Read the Recommendations from 2019 here:

This event is sponsored by the Advocacy Subcommittee of the Columbia Food Policy Committee.