The quilt of inspiration for the FoodShare movement originated within a collective of passionate women from influential private and public organizations in Columbia.

Since our founding, we have grown in size and scope with the contributions of some pretty amazing partners and financial supporters:

FoodShare is grateful for the support of:

  • University of South Carolina School of Medicine Columbia
  • Diabetes Free SC
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield of South Carolina Foundation
  • Prisma Health Office of Community Health
  • South Carolina Center for Rural and Primary Healthcare
  • South Carolina Office of Rural Health
  • Sisters of Charity Foundation of South Carolina
  • Central Carolina Community Foundation
  • South Carolina SNAP-Education
Our Partners

We like to give credit where credit is due

We are very appreciative of the incredible resources that FoodShare Toronto has freely shared. Founded in 1985, FoodShare Toronto, was created to address hunger in Canadian communities. Since then, they have developed their program into Canada’s largest food security organization and have become global pioneers in community food models.