FoodShare South Carolina is Seeking Applicants for Director of Culinary Medicine


FoodShare South Carolina is Seeking Applicants for Director of Culinary Medicine

Culinary Medicine is the emerging field of using evidence-based nutrition science in the preparation of food in order to address an individual’s health conditions. Currently, diet-related illnesses are the cause of over 20% of deaths in adults in America and an expensive strain on our healthcare system.

At FoodShare, we practice culinary medicine through our Fresh Food Box program providing access to more fresh fruits and vegetables and by providing the necessary nutrition education. Nutrition education needs to be easily accessible and can range from a weekly recipe card in the box to a series of classes covering basic nutrition through culturally-relevant recipes for all levels of learners.

Our Culinary Medicine program teaches nutrition science and culinary skills to medical students and professionals at the University of South Carolina Columbia School of Medicine using a nationally accredited curriculum. We offer a special lecture to introduce food security and social determinants of health to first year students and a fourth-year intensive elective in culinary medicine.

Our Community Cooks classes are for anyone interested in gaining kitchen confidence, addressing their health through daily meal choices, or changing their diet because of a recent diagnosis. The classes are supportive and relaxed, working on behavior change and understanding recipes to replicate at home. All classes feature a short lecture, hands-on cooking time, and a shared meal and review of the session.

Other components of the Culinary Medicine program include:

  • Leadership in FoodShare’s strategic direction and vision towards an equitable food system
  • Relationship building with faculty and staff at USC’s School of Medicine and other health related departments on collaborative educational opportunities, program development and evaluation, and student engagement
  • Support of County Hubs in the FoodShare network with nutrition education initiatives
  • Representation at state and national level conversations on nutrition education and Food is Medicine initiatives
  • Teaching kitchen management and commercial rental coordination

FoodShare is a program of the USC School of Medicine Columbia and the full application process can be found on USC job board.

  • Full-time
  • Compensation is $60,220 annually plus generous USC benefits including:
    • retirement savings
    • health insurance
    • paid time off
  • Job location is at FoodShareSC Hub in Northeast Columbia, SC

We especially invite applicants who have knowledge and experience within Southern Foodways and heritage / culturally appropriate food.

Application Deadline: Dec. 15, 2023.

FoodShare South Carolina’s mission is to increase access to, knowledge of and consumption of vegetables and fruit through community-led projects. All of FoodShare’s work is guided by strong beliefs that reflect our commitment to food security and food justice. As a leader in food security locally and statewide in South Carolina, we collaborate with others who share our beliefs to realize our vision of expanding access to nutritious food.