A (Spiralized) Apple a Day Keeps the Doctor Away


Remember that fun little gadget I shared earlier? If you didn’t see that on our  Facebook May 31st post, it’s a slicer that spiral slices apples and a whole lot of other fruits and veggies. Well it’s back and ready to dress up your summer salad with in my opinion the prettiest way to eat an apple. See full salad in the next post, but this took maybe 2 minutes to combine: 30 seconds to spiralize 1/2 zucchini, 30 seconds to spiralize half a yellow squash (both small), 30 seconds to spiralize the apple, and 30 seconds to crush up some pistachios for some crunch and put on my favorite salad dressing. It’s beautiful, and probably one of the healthiest things you could eat. What’s not to like?

And guess what?! You can use your spiralized apple in so many other ways: on top of pancakes, on top of a classic spinach or arugala salad, with some peanut butter or chocolate chips for a snack, on top of a rice cake, on top of cheese and crackers….I could go on forever!