Cuckoo for Cucumbers


When I’m not dying of sweat outside I’m usually thinking of food. In the heat though, I’m not usually a fan of super heavy or dense foods, so I went to my food box to see what I was working with. Being gluten free makes nixing the bread a pretty easy decision for me, but I promise even if you can eat gluten you’re going to love this idea! Just core out your cucumber and stuff it with literally anything! Wrap it up like a sandwich and you’ve got a super easy, healthy, refreshing, and portable lunch. The cucumber basically takes the place of half the vegetables you’d want to stuff into the sandwhich anyways.

-Slice cucumber in half

-Use spoon to core out center, but leaving enough inside to provide support

-Stuff! My sandwich was hummus, turkey, tomato, and a sprinkle of oregano

Other ideas: roast beef and mustard, tons of veggies and your favorite salad dressing (it’s like a handheld salad!), olive tapenade with tomato and feta for a nice lunch trip to the mediterranean


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