Rockin’ and Sushi Rollin’


So it’s not your typical sushi roll, but bear with me a second. Just look how pretty that plate is! Today I bring you an easy “sushi” dish without all the sticky rice or frustrating seaweed wraps. You can look like a culinary genius in just 5 minutes all because of those beautiful cucumbers in your food box. And it gets even better! While I did tuna salad in mine, the possibilities are once again endless: chicken salad, rolled up cold cuts with cheese, hummus, or even cream cheese mixed with some herbs (and then place it on some bread for a cool take on the cucumber finger sandwich). Enjoy!

Servings: 1


1 cucumber

1 serving of tuna salad or salad of choice (tuna salad includes 1 can of tuna, 3 spoonfuls of greek yogurt, a squeeze of dijon mustard, and craisins)

-Prepare tuna salad or other stuffing

-Cut off one end of your cucumber and core out inside. I find it easiest by sticking the knife inside and carving a circle out, and then continuing with a spoon to scoop out as much of the seeds and inside without breaking the outside skin

-Stuff cucumber until full

-Place cucumber on side and use a sharp knife to cut about a half inch thick sushi bites