Smooth Moves

Smooth Moves


When I’m late and running out the door the last thing I need is a breakfast that I need two hands to eat and spills all over my car (I’m looking at you banana and rice cake that is not everywhere in my console). So consider using some of that spinach, or really whatever greens you’ve got, and blend up a super portable smoothie to start your day off cool and right. I swear on my spiralizer (and you know how important that thing is to me) that you will not taste the spinach. If you’re worried then just add a little at first and taste it as you go. You can literally put anything in this. Consider using kale or I’ve even heard of people using cauliflower. Want to boost it up to make sure you stay full all morning? Consider adding some chia seeds- they’re packed with fiber and protein and you can’t taste them at all! You could also add a tbsp or two of any nut butter or some protein powder. The possibilities are endless!

Servings: 1 smoothie, but you could use a bigger blender and just double or triple it


      • 1/2 frozen banana
      • 1/2 cup other frozen fruit of choice (frozen cherries were in my freezer but consider chopping up your peaches and freezing them!)
      • 1/4 cup yogurt
      • 1 tbsp jam (fig for me because I’m obsessed)
      • 1/2-3/4 cup spinach
      • 3/4-1 cup milk of choice (I use cashew because it’s dairy free and I like the taste)


      • Place everything in your magic bullet/ blender: I recommend the frozen fruit first, then yogurt, then spinach and THEN top with the milk.
      • Blend and enjoy
        • Be sure to really blend it up. You don’t want floating pieces of spinach in your smoothie


    • tip: You can always add more spinach and you can always add more milk, so better to go easy at first before you end up with a super milky and spinachy smoothie