There’s something in the water…


There’s something in the water…

Ok so the main ingredient here isn’t a food box ingredient, but it should be just about the biggest part of your diet. The health benefits of drinking water are unbeatable, but the poor guy gets forgotten a lot when it comes to improving our health. We’re supposed to drink 8 8oz. glasses a day. Drinking water helps keep you hydrated and energized, boosts your metabolism, keeps your digestive system going, keeps your kidneys and blood pressure level, protects your joints and cartilage and improves your mood. And the list goes on and on, so trick yourself into drinking more water and a healthier lifestyle by tossing some fruit slices in there the night before. I guarantee you’ll be reaching for your water more when it’s flavored, and then you’ve got a delicious snack once you’re done! And don’t just stop with this combo: pineapple water, grape water, cucumber water, lemon water… Let us know what you try!


  • half an orange
  • half an apple
  • 1 water bottle


  • slice your fruit into 1/4 inch rounds
  • Throw into your water bottle
  • Fill with water and place it in the fridge or take it on the go
  • Refill throughout the day and enjoy your extra hydrated fruit snack at the end!